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Sacramento Bail Bonds Procedure in Sacramento, CA

If you or a love one is arrested, it is a confusing time. You may be calling the police and they offer very little information. Call the Knotty Girls first to get the information you need to get your loved ones out of jail.

Why a Bond?

To ensure that the defendant keeps their court date, a bail amount is set by the courts based on the fixed rate for the severity of the crime. It may be increase based on the criminal history of the arrested person or based on re-offense.

Why a Bail Bondsman?

The bonds the court sets are very large amounts even for misdemeanors. It is rare for many to have the money on hand. Knotty Girls Bail Bonds gives them the money for you. In exchange, we ask for a fraction of that amount, usually 10%. The defendant is now free to resume their life. We now have a vested interest in make sure they get to court. We risk losing the full amount if they don't.


The Knotty Girls love our veterans! If you or the accused is an active or honorably discharged member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you receive an 8% discount. Bring in yours or the defendant's military ID to qualify.

Sacramento Area Union Members

We want to support Sacramento's Working Class members by making it that much easier to keep your job. We know that prolonged absences create situations where you could lose your job. We offer you an 8% rate on your bond.